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Promethean ActivBoard Training

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A team of teachers and Instructional Technology Specialists (ITSies) will participate in Promethean ActivBoard “Trainer of Trainers Training” on February 4 and 5. This team will then schedule training sessions for teachers who have boards.

The Promethean ActivBoard is an interactive white board (IWB). One type of ActivBoard is pictured here.

Once this core group of trainers is ready, Instructional Technology will begin to offer training sessions to teachers who have ActivBoards. If you are interested in ActivBoard training, please contact Mary Lemons at

Another popular brand of IWB is SMART. Technology Development is looking into options to support users of those boards.

Jan North and the Instructional Technology Team will be assembling a group to evaluate interactive technologies for elementary, intermediate, middle, and high school campuses in order to develop a standard appropriate for each level.

Please share your feedback about Interactive White Boards, student response systems, and other interactive technologies.

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  1. Rennda Branson #

    I have two teachers that have used this for several years and would be great trainers.

    February 4, 2010
    • That is a great suggestion. Please email Jan North the names of the teachers.

      February 6, 2010

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