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YouTube Update: Educational Video Library

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At this point, staff members can preview videos in YouTube from within the district by logging into the network with their Novell usernames and passwords. To visit YouTube, a staff member then needs to authenticate using those credentials a second time.

One concern about using YouTube in the classroom is that inappropriate content often appears around the outside border of the YouTube site. This content changes frequently; this means that inappropriate content may have been added to the site by the time that any previewed clip is used for a lesson.

The new Educational Video Library, which can only be accessed from within the district, eliminates this problem by showing only the video itself.

Staff members can upload new videos for approval to be added to the EVL by visiting and completing a request. During a recent pilot of the system, the turnaround time for approvals was about 48 hours.

The district’s Internet Safety Policy provides the criteria used by Instructional Technology to screen the content.

Please check it out by visiting from within the district. It is not available for use outside the district.

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