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So . . . What’s an INTERWRITEMOBI?


This is an INTERWRITEMOBI Tablet.

Do you use an INTERWRITEMOBI in your classroom?

We are interested in learning more about your experience with this system as an MISD teacher or student.

The INTERWRITEMOBI is a tablet that can be used with a computer and a projector to enhance instruction and engage students.

As the manufacturer’s web site notes, teachers and students can “annotate, highlight or make notes over any computer program. You can even save, print or e-mail your lessons and all notations to students who are away from class.”

During an evaluation conducted by the Instructional Technology team and a group of classroom teachers during the spring semester of 2009, the “Mobi” was selected as the interactive tablet for a district pilot of interactive technologies in some MISD intermediate and middle school math classrooms.

The quality of its software (particularly its user friendliness), options for expansion, and its overall value as an instructional tool were cited as reasons for its selection.

Learn more about the INTERWRITEMOBI by clicking here.

There’s a video on this site that shows the INTERACTIVEMOBI in use . . .

Other fun facts:

  • Up to nine INTERWRITEMOBIs can be used simultaneously with the same computer and projector. 
  • The INTERWRITE MOBI can interface with the CPS brand of classroom response system.

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  1. Karen Law #


    With one of these tablets and a data projector, you probably wouldn’t need an interactive white board.
    Which is less expensive–buying the components separately or an interactive whiteboard package?

    February 19, 2010
  2. Shelly #

    I use a mobi in math class. I was able to see it in use at TCEA last week and it is an amazing tool. It allows teachers to not be “stuck” teaching from one place in the room. Students love being able to write on it to show how to solve problems. If I had a clicker system, the mobi would be an even better tool. I would be able to see responses in real time throughout any lesson so that issues can be addressed immediately by me. Students are also able to get immediate feedback.
    What a great tool!

    February 19, 2010

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