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Video Clip about IP Phone Directory Function Edifies Users, Electrifies Critics


In this YouTube video clip posted on the MISD Educational Technology Blog, Jan North leads us on a sublimely informative yet brief exploration of the directory feature of the Cisco IP phone. MISD staff members who regularly use telephones have the opportunity to learn more about this time saving utility.

Our expert panel of judges gave it its highest rating of five Elmos.

“If you see only one film clip this year about how to use a Cisco IP Phone Directory, make it this one.”

— Carolyn Gonzagowski, MISD Telephone Expert

“This was great. I could just type the name in, and the number came up! I was connected immediately.”

— Rennda Branson, Principal, Erma Nash Elementary

“I’ve used the Cisco IP Phone Directory five times already. Thanks, Jan North!”

— Anonymous MISD Phone User

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  1. Shelia Favor #

    OM Gosh I learned something – now I won’t have to be calling the secretary when I forget a number. Thanks Jan!!

    February 24, 2010
  2. Karen Swanson #

    This was great! I’ve always wondered how to call outside lines back without dialing the whole number again.

    The directory search will eliminate the paper directories I keep losing.

    Will we be able to store/access frequently used outside numbers?

    February 24, 2010

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