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Spending on Software, Hardware, or Web-Based Resources? Please read this!

Computer Technology Fortune
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Planning how to spend the rest of your yearly budget? Technology wants to assist you in making sure what you get works on the district computers and network. Begin the Digital Reivew Process by entering a helpdesk request for Digital Review in Eduphoria.

Click on the following link to view the document  Digital Review Process

If you have questions please call Jan North or Dr. Brubaker.

— Jan North

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  1. This company is one of our approved vendors. Do I still need permission to order the Inquiry-Based TAKS warm-ups for our campus? This is a great product and very reasonably priced. They even carry the math warm-ups for ESL – Great product!!

    April 13, 2010
    • The requirement is just to make sure that the software will work on computers within the District. Vendors are notorious for promising that software, hardware, and web-based resources will work; often, they don’t.

      Please input an Eduphoria HelpDesk work order for a quote for the software, and we’ll check to verify that these titles are on the approved list. If you know of some campuses where this software is in use already, please include them in your work order. If it’s already in use, we can often just add it to the list and clear it for purchase. If it’s something that’s new to the District, we do some testing to verify that the product will work consistently and have a good chance of meeting your expectations.

      April 13, 2010

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