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Administrators Win Apple iPod Touches for their Campuses

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Mary Jo Sheppard Elementary Principal Gary Manns receives an Apple iTouch for use at his campus.

Administrator participants in Eduphoria! PDAS training qualified for a drawing to win an iPod Touch for their campuses. The iPod Touch can be used in conjunction with Eduphoria! PDAS, a teacher appraisal software package.

Campuses where these devices are deployed will participate in a pilot during the 2010-2011 school year, which will help to determine the extent to which the iPod Touch facilitates the appraisal process. The rest of the devices will be distributed within the next two to three weeks.

A survey was taken after the initial pilot of Eduphoria! PDAS in Fall 2009. Of the 43 administrators at partcipating campuses, 98% responded that they would “Definitely” (88.37%) or “Probably” (9.30%) want to use Eduphoria! PDAS in the future, with one participant (2.33%) responding “Not Sure.”

The software will be implemented at all campuses during the 2010-2011 school year. Eduphoria! HelpDesk (work order system), Workshop (staff development system), and FormSpace (documents and forms management) are already in use throughout MISD.

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