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Extreme Makeover: High Tech Edition Update




Based on some information that we’ve learned about upcoming new product offerings, your feedback since our last PDC meeting, and experience with Promethean’s customer support services, the District now plans to adopt the Promethean ActivSlate and Promethean ActivInspire software as the interactive technology standard for 5-12 campuses instead of the InterWrite MOBI and Workspace software as previously planned.

This change provides the opportunity to standardize on one software platform and set of peripherals, which will enable the District to create more efficient models for training and support. Purchasing the ActivSlate for secondary schools will provide a software package in those classrooms that has a richer feature set and for which there are more available resources. As part of this change, we have the opportunity to reduce further the price of the ActivExpressions student response system that you used at the last PDC meeting and for which many provided such positive feedback.

Most importantly, we believe that students and teachers will benefit more from this change.

At this point, we plan to purchase an updated version of the ActivSlate, which we will test this summer. Currently, all Phase I campuses are scheduled for completion of the installation of the mounted projectors (and Promethean boards at the elementary schools) by the end of July. There may be installation delays at some campuses due to electrical upgrades that need to be completed prior to installation. We will continue to keep you posted regarding that timeline.

The Interwrite MOBI slates purchased as part of the District’s pilot can be used with Promethean software. We know that many users have enjoyed them and will continue to.

As always, please contact us with any questions.

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  1. Jennifer #

    I really like that you’re still updating us.

    June 17, 2010

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