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First Projector Installations Complete at Mary Orr


Great news! The first projectors installed as part of the Extreme Makeover: High Tech Edition Upgrades were fired up at Mary Orr Intermediate School earlier today.

The small size of these pictures fail to capture the brightness and crispness of images displayed on the screen. Even so, isn’t it exciting to see these powerful teaching tools appearing in MISD classrooms?

In related news, MISD Technology Development technicians attended a troubleshooting training session for Promethean products today. Campus Support Technician Matt Pryde said, “This is exciting technology in the classroom.” Technician Andy Chen added, “I think Promethean tech support will be helpful.” Technician Todd Craig said, “I feel more confident supporting this equipment.”

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  1. Angie Kanak #

    Being able to leave the lights on will be a great feature! As a high school teacher, having to turn the lights out is synonymous with nap time.

    July 16, 2010

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