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Extreme Makeover Update: Project will Wrap Up at Cross Timbers, Worley, and Summit this Week

Work on the Extreme Makeover project continues ahead of schedule:

  • Installation crews will finish outfitting classrooms with projectors and related equipment at Worley, Cross Timbers, and Summit this week.
  • Projector installation will begin at D.P. Morris Elementary next week.
  • Promethean board installation is complete within MISD elementary school buildings. Installation of repurposed Promethean boards in eligible temporary classrooms is scheduled to take place before the beginning of school.
  • Walk-throughs are complete at Timberview and Mansfield High Schools, which are Phase II campuses.

Electrical upgrades are needed at Wester, Tarver-Rendon, Harmon, and Boren prior to installation of  projector systems. By the end of the week, we should be able to share more information about how these electrical upgrades may affect the overall project timeline.

Stay tuned for information about training arrangements.

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