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Migration Update


We continue to get great feedback from MISD teachers and staff members about the migration process. Thank you for providing valuable information about what’s working and what still requires attention. Your input has been especially valuable to our efforts to troubleshoot some of the problems that people have encountered when attempting to use the Outlook Web Access system at home.

A default setting allows changes to passwords only after the password has been in use for fifteen minutes after the intial login. We’ve changed this setting so that users should be able to change their passwords using the Outlook Web Access interface immediately and as many times as they like.

Please note that the only stipulation on the type of password that you select is that it has to be at least four characters in length.

In the next two weeks, the highest priority project will be adding teacher and staff computers to the new system.

The process of installing Microsoft Office 2007 manually on dated computers in administrative offices has slowed the migration process significantly. We will focus on making sure that all teachers and staff members have access to email, printers, and other shared resources by the date that teachers return to campuses.

Then, the new tools available within Active Directory can be used to install Office 2007 according to licensing limitations, system resources, and user preferences. Once computers are added to the domain, these tasks can be conducted remotely and automated to a greater degree.

The plan is for student computers at each campus to be reimaged in order to add them to the new system. Thanks to some of our recent switch replacements, this is another process that can be automated to a much greater degree, too.

The main upgrade team worked to finish up computers at the Administrative Campus and then started working at Facilities and Maintenance late this afternoon. This afternoon, a smaller team added teacher computers at Asa Low using a new and abbreviated set of procedures that do not involve the Office 2007 upgrade.

The pace of the work at Low is consistent with what is needed over the next two weeks to ensure that the most important components of the project are completed at all sites.

Another benefit of working at Low has been how well the majority of teachers followed the guidelines for prepping computers for summer. For the most part, computers were left plugged into the network and to electricity. Because of static electricity, we’ve not asked that computers be encased in plastic for two years, and nearly all computers were plastic-free. This made the project proceed more quickly. Hats off of the staff at Asa Low!

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