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Migration Update


Technicians worked until 8:00 Thursday night to upgrade as many computers in the Administration Building as possible. That’s dedication!

The team returns to the Administrative Campus today to complete the project at that site, which involves upgrading 10-15 more computers.

In many cases, technicians have had to install additional memory or work through model-specific quirks in order to complete these upgrades. We’re fortunate to have such a skilled crew involved in this effort.

We expect this project to pick up speed at sites that have better computers, some of which have approximately eight times as much memory (4 GB vs. 512 MB) as the oldest computers still in service throughout the District.

Computers used in administrative and support settings, such as the Dell GX 270, are now among MISD’s oldest. This is due to the upgrades of teacher and student computers at Phase I and Phase II campuses.

Dell GX270

HP 5800 Series

You may remember that savings from the cabling project provided enough funds to order replacement teacher and student computers for Phase III campuses, too. These are expected to be in place early in the fall semester of 2010.

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