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Extreme Makeover Update: Potential/Likely Delays

Great news!

Document cameras will be deployed to classrooms during the Quality Control (or QC) process. This is when when tasks such as software installation, focusing of the projector, and verification that all systems are working normally are conducted.

A “getting started” orientation is being planned for Phase I teachers. This will incoporate both the AV equipment and the new email software.

Here’s the challenge:

You may remember from the checkout sheet that computers were to be left uncovered and plugged into power and network connections.

Unfortunately, either due to missing some preparation steps or because of movement over the summer, many computers at some campuses are not where they need to be, which is slowing down all computer related projects. In a few cases, cords, keyboards, and mice are missing.

First, the installers will complete the installation process in classrooms that are ready for it.

Technology Development staff will then address as many of these issues as possible so that other rooms can be equipped before school begins, too.

Unfortunately, some Phase I installations may have to take place after the year begins and equipment is back in place.

We will continue to post updates as they become available.

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