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Novell to Microsoft Migration Bulletin


The campus support technicians continue to reconfigure teacher computers across the District to work with Exchange and Active Directory.

With nearly 4,000 staff computers that have to be touched, this is a big project. The parts of it that are of most interest to our customers are the installation of the Outlook client and the rest of the latest version of Office that the computer will run.

The focus of this project is teacher and staff computers. Student computers will be reimaged during the month of September.

If you experience difficulties with logging in, using your new email account, or any other technology related issue, please call the Help Desk at 817.299.4357 (HELP).

August 4



August 5




BOR – office area only

August 6





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  1. Linda Moss #

    Does this mean DP Morris will be scheduled sometime next week then? Thanks.

    August 6, 2010
    • We haven’t set the schedule for next week, partly because the pace at which the work can be completed varies so much by campus. It depends on where computer components are stored . . . whether they are connected to each other and whether they have to be moved to access electrical outlets and network drops. We understand that computers may have been moved over the summer . . . The installation teams will focus on campuses where they can get the most computers upgraded as quickly as possible and return to complete the rest of the work once computers are back in place. DP Morris will probably be the first school where all of the Promethean and Microsoft software upgrades will be complete if teacher computers are in place by Tuesday. We’ve tentatively scheduled the Promethean installers to complete quality control that day. Please contact us with any questions.

      August 6, 2010

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