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Important Login Information for Staff at Phase III Campuses: COB, DAU, SPE, CAB, HOL, LIL

Important Message for Staff at Campuses in Computer Replacement Cycle Phase III:



This is the information that you will need to login to your computer on Monday, August 16:

  • Directions for logging into computers at your campus have not changed. Use your old Novell username and password.
  • Use Outlook Web Access at to login to your email account.
    • Your username for this account will be firstnamelastname (example kellycampbell).
    • The initial password for this account is your employee ID.
      • Your employee ID can be found in several places: eduphoria, AESOP, and your direct deposit receipt or paycheck stub.
  • We understand that you may have changed your password.
  • If you have forgotten your password or need it reset, please call the Help Desk.
  • New computers will be delivered to your campus before August 31 and set up in early September.
    • These computers will be preloaded with Office 2007 (which includes Outlook 2007) and will be preconfigured to use the new Windows server software.
    • Please continue to access your email using until your new computer is installed.
    • Details about the Phase III computer deployments will follow.

By sharing this information with staff members, we hope to help get their year off to a great start!

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