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Extreme Makeover: Phase I Installations

AC power plugs and sockets
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AV systems at nearly all Phase I campuses will be be ready for use by the end of the week.

This week, the quality control process will begin.

This involves installing software, connecting of all the components, and firing them up. Some components needed to do this (cables, etc.) have been in storage so that they would not be lost over the summer.

The contractors will not move computers to install software, so it’s important that rooms be set up in alignment with the installation plan. Basically, the teacher computer needs to be located near an electrical outlet, a network drop, and the AV plate.

The electrical work needed to complete installations at HAR, BOR, REN, and WES has progressed ahead of schedule. Crews have been working at HAR, BOR, and REN, and they will begin working at WES this week. Installation of AV system components have been completed except for electrical connections at these schools.

Once the electrical work is completed, the AV systems will be connected to those new circuits so that the quality control process can begin at those campuses as soon as possible.

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