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Phase I Extreme Makeover Important Update: Quick Start

For those who’d like to begin using their AV systems before their official orientation, we have a few tips for you that are contained in this video.  This system includes a feature that allows you to view one image on your computer monitor and a different image on the projector!

It takes getting used to, but you’ll love the functionality.

Some campuses received two different models of a remote that perform the same functions. They are pictured below. It doesn’t matter which one you get. Both are nice. One is just smaller than the other.

Remotes for document cameras were left in elementary classrooms with the document cameras as they were installed. Document camera remotes for intermediate and middle schools will be deployed to classrooms when that equipment arrives in mid-September.

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  1. Debbie Brown #

    Thank you so much! That was exactly the information I needed. Thank you for making this wonderful technology available for us to use with our students. What a blessing!

    August 24, 2010
  2. Michele Dunham #

    The projector is currently in my classroom without remotes or complete hook up. Will someone be sent soon to finish the job? Thanks
    Michele Dunham
    Summit High- Rm D1

    August 25, 2010

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