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Scholastic Reading Counts and Reading Inventory Updates

Kim Pollard, Technology Development and a Scholastic field engineer worked August 10th and 11th to get the enterprise version of Scholastic Reading Counts/Reading Inventory setup on a district server for those campuses using it.

Once classes have been “leveled” at campuses, student data will be exported from Infinite Campus Information System to the new version of program.  Lynn Phears, Technology Development, is assisting with this and we expect this to be done near the first part of next week.

We are working with Scholastic to provide training for Librarians at those campuses. A BIG THANKS to all who have helped during this process!

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  1. Karen Hennegan #

    How will that data be further pushed to the individual campus servers for READ 180? (The program requires the data from Scholastic Reading Inventory to place students so they can begin working in the Topic Software lessons.)

    August 26, 2010
  2. The data will be pushed out using a script.

    August 26, 2010

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