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Extreme Makeover: High Tech Edition Phase I Update

Orders for document cameras for Phase I intermediate and middle schools were placed after September 1. 

We have since learned that the document cameras are on backorder. We do not have an ETA at this time.

Orders for slates for all secondary campuses have been placed.

Equipment for portable classrooms is also on order. The challenges involved in installation in these settings has slowed the process. It will be completed over the next several weeks.

You may remember that the order for slates was delayed until the new ActivSlate60 was available on the market. The ActivSlate 60 features a replaceable battery. This is a feature that may extend the usable life of these devices by several years. The ActivSlate 60 is not on backorder, and we expect to receive them within three weeks.

You may enjoy this video clip about how to use a document camera/visualizer to engage students during a science lesson. It’s really cool!

Please share your ideas about document cameras/visualizers in the classroom by taking the following fun poll . . .

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  1. Lynn #

    I couldn’t access the link for the odcument camera; the IE window stating it could not access the webpage came up.

    September 15, 2010

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