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Open Records Advisory Added to Outgoing District Email


You may have noticed that this language has been added to outgoing email in the District:

OPEN RECORDS NOTICE: This email and responses may be subject to Texas Open Records laws and may be disclosed to the public upon request. Please respond accordingly.

This is just a reminder that, as explained in the MISD Handbook, there is no expectation of privacy on the District’s email system.

You may have noticed other types of legal advisories posted at the bottom of email messages that you receive from friends in other districts or professions. It’s our understanding that we adopted this practice based on advice from an attorney who works with the District.

If you’d like to add your own signature to your outgoing email in Outlook 2007, this demo can show you how.

At some point, we may retask engineers to program the system so that the advisory only appears once when email is exchanged between correspondents within the District. At this point, recent feedback indicates that reimaging computers and rolling out projection systems need to remain our top priorities.

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