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Extreme Makeover: High Tech Edition Phase I Update

Great news! You may remember that the ActiView 322 visualizers ordered for the intermediate and middle schools have been on backorder. We received notice this morning that these items have shipped!

Computers at Phase I schools will be reimaged over the next several weeks. Teams worked at Perry and Boren last week, over the weekend, and yesterday to image computers while identifying opportunities to streamline the process. The image will be updated to include some new drivers for the Promethean equipment that were recently released.

As part of the quality control process, instructional technology staff members and representatives of the vendors whose products have been installed will visit classrooms to identify remaining issues over the next several weeks. Thank you for your assistance in making sure that all are documented.

Only one work order in eduphoria is necessary to document a problem and get it addressed. In fact, multiple work orders for the same issue actually create confusion for the vendors and delays for you. Please use the “add comment for technician” feature to update your ticket or provide more detail. It’s a button at the top of the window in which you review tickets.

A focus group drawn from Phase I schools will meet on Thursday to develop ideas for building on the District’s experience with this project in preparation for Phase II.

We’re seeing across the District that teachers and students are drawing a lot of benefit from the new equipment. It’s not always easy to be the first group of schools involved in an initiative, and we appreciate your patience and cooperation!

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