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Reimaging Update: PER, BOR, TIM . . . and coming to your campus.


The technicians are working very hard to get computers reimaged across the District. The team expanded the project to include Cross Timbers Intermediate today.

The reimaging process is similar to the one used for computer deployments in that technicians visit classrooms to make sure that teachers’ data is backed up. Then, technicians reimage the computer, give it a name that conforms to a standard convention, and configure it to work with the new Microsoft environment. Also, virus protection is enhanced and the ablity of the Department to deploy software “automatically” to the computer is improved. We’ve also observed some signficant improvements in how fast the computers run.

Perry and Boren have served as sites for testing and refining some new strategies for getting this process completed more efficiently and effectively. We are grateful to those teachers and staff members for both their feedback and their patience. Testing has yielded some insight that has improved the process for other sites already. There are still computers that need attention at those two sites, and we will continue to work on them until they are functioning properly.

The purpose of an image is to reduce the amount of time that a technician has to spend working on a computer to get the end user up and running on important programs.

Image by Brianjarvis via Flickr

That’s a challenge with campus-specific programs, because computers at each campus have to be “pointed” toward a different location on a server for those programs to work properly. The network team has developed a work-around for Fast ForWord that requires a few extra clicks. Also, programs that have only been purchased by some campuses can’t be put on an image for all schools because of licensing limitations.

Because we have standardized on Promethean equipment, we can provide that software throughout MISD. A new set of Promethean drivers came out within the last couple of weeks, and those updates will need to be incorporated into the images for the HP 6000 teacher computers.

Another important strategy is to deploy the image over the network so that, using a few keystrokes, a technician can initiate the process on one computer and move onto the next one.

Depending on the model, the reimaging process can take thirty minutes or more; we need as many computers as possible to undergo the process simultaneously.

Once we have more of a sense of how quickly the work is likely to proceed, we will distribute a schedule.

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  1. Debbie Clark #

    I really appreciate this info. It lets me know what to tell my fellow teachers about their computers and when things are happening. Thanks!

    September 22, 2010

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