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Extreme Makeover: Training for Phase I Campuses

Registration for October 11th professional development is OPEN for Phase 1 Campuses.

  • The vision for this day of training was to provide options for teacher self-directed learning, and to provide time for teachers to work on teaching & learning tools for their class after attedning sessions. Please check with your campus adminstrator for direction regarding this.
  • The exception to this is on secondary campuses. Secondary staff must enroll in and attend  ONE “Get Activ! Get Inspired! session before attending any of the other 45 minute sessions. This is the first training on those campuses and is meant to scaffold learning so that they will better be able to understand all additional sessions. This is only one of several training models, and training opportunities that will be used during Extreme Makeover implementation. 
  • Training for this implementation began in August and is ongoing based on campus needs & schedules, and timelines for equipment installation. If you have questions or want to schedule future training, please contact Jan North.

We are excited to announce sessions will be offered at Charlotte Anderson, DP Morris, Glenn Harmon, Cross Timbers, Mary Orr, TA Howard, Brooks Wester and Rogene Worley, and RL Anderson. For your convenience, you may register for sessions at your own campus, but if you see a session that interests you at a different time,on another campus, please feel free to register for it! Classes are limited to 15 participants.

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