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Extreme Makeover Update: BBCTA/Frontier High School

Because of the special programs and variety of equipment housed at BBCTA/FHS, a few modificationswill need to be added to the standard Extreme Makeover: High Tech Edition equipment package for some classrooms. A team is meeting this week to map out those needs.

Once orders are placed for new equipment, we will be able to project a timeline for completion of the project at that campus.

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  1. Barbara Day #

    Honey Key is the Math Models teacher at Frontier High School. She is in need of a document camera right now. Is there one she could use as a loaner until their new equipment comes in? It is my understanding that there are no document cameras on this campus at all.

    January 24, 2011
    • We are developing a list of equipment at Phase I and II schools that is available for use at Phase III schools where upgrades are not yet complete. At this point, the best way to proceed would be for campus administrators to contact colleagues in those schools to see what’s available. It is important to make sure that equipment transfer forms are filled out for any equipment that is moved.

      January 24, 2011

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