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How do I get training on my “Makeover” equipment? What is ActivAcademy?

MISD ActivAcademy is a program of hands-on, half-day technology workshops designed to help teachers gain proficiency using Promethean ActivBoards and ActivSlates with their students.

These courses are available for registration through the Eduphoria Workshop system, and Mansfield ISD Technology Development provides funding for substitutes.

Teachers who have equipment that has cleared the Quality Control (QC) process are eligible to register. This means that if your equipment is hooked up and working, you’re ready for training.

  • The Initial/Refresher classes are intended for people who have either not had campus-based “step” training or who believe that they would benefit from a refresher. We understand that the campus-based training sessions offered before school, during planning periods, and after school don’t leave as much time for reflection and practice as some teachers want.
  • More advanced classes are available for teachers through ActivAcademy, too. The bulk of the content in these classes will focus on learning new skills.
  • All classes are designed so that you go back to school with one or more flipcharts to begin using immediately with your students!

If you teach at a Phase II school that hasn’t cleared QC or a Phase III campus, don’t worry! We plan to offer sessions throughout the spring, during the summer, and next year, too.

Do you have questions about Promethean training? Please use this site to let us know. There may be others who have similar needs for information.

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  1. Karen #

    It seems like I was told that subs would be paid for if a teacher wanted to attend this training. Is this true and, if so, whom should I contact to get a sub code?

    February 22, 2011
    • Subs are paid for by Technology Development. Principals and secretaries have been given substitute codes. The email was sent on February 14. I’ll send it out again this morning in case it was missed.

      February 22, 2011

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