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Extreme Makeover Update: Promethean Board “Flames” and Slates Losing Connection

Troubleshooting Efforts Continue during Spring Break

Promethean and HP technicians continue to work on the USB connectivity problems in MISD over the break. An ActivBoard and computer from one of our classrooms was sent to a lab for more testing earlier this week.

The vendors have developed a new potential solution that appeared promising in initial tests. We will begin to test it more extensively next week.

This is a description of the problem:

  • The Promethean “flame” logo that is lit up in blue light to indicate that the Promethean board is connected goes out and then cycles through red, white, and green colors. The flame logo is circled in the picture below.

  • You hear a tone through the speakers that indicates that your ActivHub or Promethean board is no longer connected to the computer.
  • You see an error message on your computer that indicates that your ActivHub or Promethean board has lost connection.

It is a problem similar to ones that have been experienced in other districts, too. In MISD, many of the problems appear to be at T.A. Howard, Cross Timbers Intermediate, Anderson Elementary, and Davis Elementary.


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