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April 2011 ActivAcademy Schedule


The schedule for April’s ActivAcademy classes is ready!

Please click on this link to access it:

April 2011 ActivAcademy Schedule

Please look for the classes in Eduphoria.

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  1. Debbie Clark #

    It is a shame that none of these lessons are for after school when teachers could attend without having to be absent from school.

    March 25, 2011
    • Debbie, thanks for the feedback!

      Instructional Technology has offered classes (ActivJourney “step” training sessions) before, during, and after school throughout the year. The schedule has varied by campus.

      Some teachers prefer using conference periods to learn skills in the smaller increments that are possible during conference periods; others would rather invest more after-school time to learn the skills. Some have asked for the option to get subs so that they can take lengthier classes. We make every effort to make a variety of training times available to all teachers at times that mesh best with their schedules.

      ActivAcademy classes, which are part of the half-day classes for which teachers can register, offer another way for teachers to get more confident with the more frequently used skills (Get Activ: Get Inspired!) or to explore more specialized topics, such as how to use ActivExpressions. In choosing from any of these options, there is no cost to the campus or the teacher. Costs for substitutes needed for ActivAcademy are provided by the District!

      March 25, 2011

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