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April ActivAcademy Sessions Begin to Fill: Select Yours Now!

The schedule for April’s ActivAcademy classes is ready, and classes are beginning to fill up. These classes are offered in addition to the five ActivJourney “step” training sessions that teachers attend before, during, and after school.

If you are a teacher who has completed two or more of the five campus-based sessions of ActivJourney, you are ready for any classes in ActivAcademy!

If you haven’t taken at least the first two ActivJourney “step” training sessions at your campus, please take the “Get Activ: Get Inspired!” class. This class is also perfect for teachers who would like a refresher on these topics.

Please click on this link to access the April training schedule:

April 2011 ActivAcademy Schedule

Funding for a half-day substitute is provided by the District.

Will there be training this summer? You bet! Stay tuned for more information.

Please look for these classes in Eduphoria.

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