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Tarver-Rendon Students Use Network for Announcements

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Students at Tarver-Rendon Elementary now present announcements over the network using Safari Montage.

From within MISD, the program can be viewed live at 8:00 am using the following instructions:

Open an Internet Explorer web browser and go to:

Log on using your network user name and password.

Download the Safari Montage media player if you have not done so

In Safari on the top banner go to Help

On the left go to Browser and Plug-In downloads

Scroll down to SAFARI Montage Axis Decoder (Windows, Auto-Installer)

Click on Decoder to install software.

Take all default settings.

To view live video streaming for school news:

In Safari on the top banner go to Modules

On the left go to Selective Video Streaming> Video Streaming

On the Cameras tab select the correct School News Camera

Click Play

Elizabeth Smith Elementary broadcasts its school news at 8:00 AM daily. Glenn Harmon and Louise Cabaniss will begin broadcasting soon.

If you’re interested in broadcasting your school news, please key in a quote request for a Safari Montage encoder.

Most schools have many of the other components, such as a video camera, tripod, and microphone, that are needed to get started. We can give you good advice about what you need and what it will cost.

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  1. Dawn Price #

    Tarver-Rendon 4th graders work hard at making the announcements fun. Doing them this way is so rewarding to them and they learn so much valuable information in a real world situation. YEA TARVER-RENDON!!!

    April 8, 2011

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