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Campuses Win Fabulous Prizes for High Survey Participation Rates!

Fireworks #1
Image by Camera Slayer via Flickr


These campuses had over 90% participation rates on the MISD Media and Technological Resources Survey:



Icenhower Intermediate

Mary Orr Intermediate

Mary Lillard Intermediate

D.P. Morris Elementary

Janet Brockett Elementary

Carol Holt Elementary

Martha Reid Elementary

Mary Jo Sheppard Elementary

Annette Perry Elementary

Principals at these campuses may select from these two fabulous prizes:

1. A wireless access point for an instructional setting.

2. A printer for an instructional setting.

Principals and secretaries will receive instructions about how to complete the ordering process. Because of the source of the funds, the “instructional setting” part will be important. 🙂

Again, congratulations!

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  1. The printer selected as a prize for this program is a network printer that should have adequate capacity to serve an elementary grade level or a secondary team/department.

    May 2, 2011

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