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Prepare to Prevent Password Problems!

Click here to enroll in PeoplePassword now.

Read on for more instructions . . .

MISD now has a service that makes it possible for you to access a lost password and reset it yourself. This process takes about three minutes. It is now part of the technology checkout process.

All that you have to do to set up your account is answer three quick security questions. Here’s how:

Enrollment Center: Setting up your Account

You do this by logging into the Enrollment Center and answering three challenge questions of your choice.

You just answer three of the challenge questions, click “Next” to save your work, and you’re finished!

This is a link to a video that can show you what to do once you’ve logged in.

Recovery Center: Accessing your Account

Use the PeoplePassword Recovery Center to reset your Windows password if you forget it.

You can also use the Recovery Center to change your Windows password or unlock your Windows account if you are locked out of Windows.

Click this link to access the Recovery Center.

For now, this system will be available only from MISD computers.

Remember that this system will only help you with Active Directory passwords.

If you experience any problems, please call the Help Desk at 4357. We are here to assist you! 🙂

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