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YouTube Unavailable on New Computers and all Computers Reimaged over Summer

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The agreement for Lightspeed, our current filtering software, concludes at the end of September.

Computers purchased since this decision was made in May, or that have been reimaged since then, do not have the Lightspeed policy that enables teachers and other staff members to access YouTube.

This means that the default rights on Lightspeed, which are identical to those of the students, are the ones that are in place on these computers.

The result is that YouTube and similar sites will not be available through the month of September on computers that were reimaged over the summer or purchased since May.

We are in the process of installing our new filtering solution, at which time we will be able to restore YouTube access to our teachers through the new system.

Sometimes, a web search can help you to locate the same resources available on YouTube using a different source that does not include inappropriate text or images.

We appreciate your patience, and thank you for your support!

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  1. Jan Calaway #

    Thanks so much for sending this email. It will really help me with answering teachers questions!

    August 17, 2011

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