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Technology-Related MISD Foundation Grants: Reminders and Updates

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Here are a couple of quick reminders about grant applications involving technology . . . and one change that should make completing them even easier:

First round applications for the MISD Innovative/Creative Teaching Grant are due Monday, October 3, at 4:30 PM.

The deadline to submit technology –related grant applications to Technology is Monday, September 26, 2011. We don’t evaluate the quality of applications. We just want to help make sure that what you’ve requested will work as expected if you get it.

You may send your technology-related grant applications to Please add “Grant” to the subject line. Please keep in mind that when there are dozens of applications, a backlog can build up quickly. Early submissions are cleared more quickly. J

Sometimes, there are questions about what technology includes. If you have questions, please continue to ask. These four bullets should cover most technology items:

  • Computer
  • Software, web site, or other content that is accessed using a computer or other electronic device
  • Device that connects to a computer
  • Device that connects to the network

You will need to get a quote for what you’d like to purchase through Eduphoria.

Sometimes, quote requests are difficult to turn around prior to the application deadline.

If you’ve submitted your quote request but haven’t received your quote by the deadline, please feel free to estimate your expenses using your own pricing. Keep in mind that the actual purchase will need to be made from an approved vendor.

Please contact us with any questions or suggestions!

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