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What does research say about Interactive Technologies?


Robert Marzano explains his findings.

YouTube should be available to staff users by the end of the day!

During the past 18 months, you know that the District has made a significant investment in interactive whiteboards and slates.

What does educational research say about the benefits that students gain from teachers’ skillful use of these tools?

A 2009 study on Interactive Whiteboards conducted by Robert J. Marzano and summarized in Educational Leadership  indicates that how you use the technology is as important as whether you use it.

Higher student achievement was associated with these practices:

1. Use of learner response devices.

  • Marzano says that it’s important to use the data from these formative assessments to drive instruction.
  • Learn how at an ActivAcademy half-day workshop! Technology Development pays for the subs!
  • The Communications and Marketing Department purchased one “starter set” of ActivExpressions for each campus using advertising revenue. Some campuses have more!

2. Use of graphics and other visuals.

  • It’s important to make flipcharts appealing but not overwhelming.
  • Learn how at an ActivAcademy half-day workshop! Technology Development pays for the subs!
  • “Make your FlipChart Pop” and “Made from Scratch” are all great workshops about design elements and scheduled for November and December. Design 101, will be offered in January 2012.

3. Use of Interactive Whiteboard Reinforcers.

  • Marzano defines this as “applications that teachers can use to signal that an answer is correct or to present information in an unusual context.” (2009)
  • Marzano notes that it’s  important to take time to reteach when a student selects an incorrect answer instead of focusing on doing whatever it takes to get “the applause.”
  • Learn how at an ActivAcademy half-day workshop! Technology Development pays for the subs!

Marzano summarizes, “As is the case with all powerful tools, teachers must use interactive whiteboards thoughtfully, in accordance with what we know about good classroom practice.”

Marzano, R. J. (2009). Teaching with interactive whiteboards. Educational Leadership, 67(103), 80-82. Retrieved from

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  1. Jamie Norwood #

    In a world where some of us worry about how much interactive gaming and television children are exposed to, Marzano’s research was very affirming. I think it is interesting that he says in the next few years 50% of America’s classrooms will have this technology. I am thankful to be in a district where almost 100% of classrooms have this technology!

    November 4, 2011

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