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SAFARI Montage Software Update Tomorrow after 4:00

SAFARI Montage will be upgraded tomorrow afternoon after 4:00, which means that this system will be shut down. We expect work to be complete by 7:00 PM.

We think you’ll enjoy the new interface, which makes the program easier to use.

Here are some changes that you can expect . . .

The most visible change is the “Thumbnail and icon dashboard” which basically will add more visual elements that you will see when you log in.

    • Thumbnail and Icon Dashboard
      • Thumbnails are now integrated into a new dashboard, search results, detail pages and playlists.
      • Packaged content now supports thumbnails, including chapter and key concept thumbnails for video.
      • CreationStation supports automatic generation of thumbnails.
        • User selectable thumbnails, including a snapshot created from the media for supported formats, a title slate based on the item’s title, or a standard thumbnail per media type.
      • Network logos pre-packaged to support Digital TV.
      • Custom logo support.
      • School News (Live & Recorded) and Internet links restored on dashboard.

This is really, cool, too . . . You’ll be able to use SAFARI with your iPad, iTouch, and/or iPhone!

    • New Apple® iPad®/iPod Touch®/iPhone®support
      • Access SAFARI Montage and Pathways SM device control via iOS devices.
      • Available in the Apple App Store
      • Note: Subject to native playback limitations of iOS device.

New categories of users within the system provide access and upload rights that align well with roles within school districts such as principals and curriculum coordinators.

We’ll provide more information for you throughout the week. This is just a “heads up.”

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