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End of Year Teacher Checklists

The Technology End of Year Checklists are ready!

High school staff, please see your high school technicians for your End of Year Checklist.

This summer, we plan to upgrade all student and teacher computers to Windows 7. Files left on your computer will be overwritten and not recoverable, so please be sure to back up any files that you want to keep.

There are two Technology End of Year Checklists this year for staff at K-8 schools.

List A is for elementary schools with the BenQ 776ST projector. They are listed below:

  • Charlotte Anderson
  • J.L. Boren
  • Willie Brown
  • Kenneth Davis
  • Imogene Gideon
  • Glenn Harmon
  • Thelma Jones
  • D.P. Morris
  • Erma Nash
  • Alice Ponder
  • Martha Reid
  • M.J. Sheppard
  • Elizabeth Smith
  • Tarver-Rendon
  • Roberta Tipps

Click on the link below to access Technology End of Year Checklist A:

11-12 End-Of-Year Technology Checklist A



List B is for all schools that have a different model of projector, including the elementary schools listed below, all intermediate schools, and all middle schools. Here’s that list:

  • Janet Brockett
  • Louise Cabaniss
  • Anna May Daulton
  • Carol Holt
  • Nancy Neal
  • Annette Perry
  • Cora Spencer
  • All intermediate schools
  • All middle schools

Click on the link below to access Technology End of Year Checklist B:

11-12 End-Of-Year Technology Checklist B

Please contact the Help Desk with any questions at 817.299.4357.

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