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Look for PowerUp! Posts about MISD High School 1:1 Initiative; Teacher FAQs

Approval of a $6.4 million high school 1:1 iPad initiative on Tuesday, May 22 ushered in an exciting new era for Mansfield ISD high school teachers and students. Because this initiative will empower MISD teachers and students in a multitude of ways, we’re calling it “Power Up!”

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To answer some of the most common questions from teachers, we’ve pulled information from the board agenda, news articles, and MISD blog for you below:

Frequently Asked Questions for MISD High School Professional Staff Members

Which staff members will be issued iPads?

All professional high school staff members will be issued iPads.

Have cases been ordered?

Yes. A Griffin Survivor Extreme Duty Case, which “meets or exceeds US Department of Defense Standard 810F” has been ordered for each iPad. Please click on this link for the manufacturer’s description of this case.

This case was selected because of the protection that it provides for the device and the ease with which you can grip it. Please click on one of the links below to read some of the reviews about this case.


Review the Best (YouTube)

The district did not pay retail price for the cases.

Will students and teachers have the same case?

A different color of case has been purchased for teacher iPads to make those devices easier to identify.

What do I do if I want a different kind of case?

If you decide that you want a different type of protective case, you may purchase one to use with your MISD-issued iPad.

As a professional staff member, will I be able to get an iPad issued to me before the beginning of school?

This depends on when all of the components needed for the project arrive. Purchase orders for the devices and data center equipment have been generated and submitted to the vendors. We are working with those vendors to determine an estimated time of arrival.

As a professional staff member, will I receive training?

Yes. Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment and Technology Development are working on the training schedule now.

Will the district purchase apps and other content for me to use?

Yes. A variety of productivity apps will be pre-installed on the device. There is funding in place for more.

As a professional staff member, am I going to have to fix my iPad2?

No. A second campus support technician was approved for each high school campus at the May 22 board meeting. BBCTA, Frontier, and AEC will share one new campus support technician. We’ve also purchased a good warranty program and what we project will be an adequate number of spare devices.

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  1. I have been able to establish projector connectivity between new iPad and Apple TV, using my own iPhone for wireless network hotspot so as not to introduce new hardware into network. Using the HDMI cable, this works with iPod, iPhone and iPad at MHS.

    June 5, 2012

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