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PowerUp! Update

The first 500 iPads for high school teachers have been delivered. The project is on schedule!

Here’s an added bonus:

We project that distribution of iPads to high school professional staff members who want to pick them up can begin as early as the second week of July.

Before distributing iPads to high school professional staff members, we need to get several key pieces in place:

  • Content filtering through the Lightspeed mobile filtering system. Components for this system are scheduled for delivery on June 14.
  • Protective cases, which are expected to be delivered June 16.
  • Geotracking through the AirWatch Mobile Device Management (MDM) system. Components for this system are scheduled for delivery June 18.

Once the components for AirWatch and Lightspeed are received, they need to be installed and tested; each device will need to be configured for them, too. This phase may take up to two weeks.

Please continue to monitor this site for updates. We’ll be sharing information about pickup procedures and schedules in one to two weeks.

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  1. Since I’m never in the first of the line……….when do you expect all teachers to have these. Any projected scheduled?

    June 5, 2012
    • Thanks for the question! Even if you’re not first in line, you’ll have the chance to pick up an iPad2 on those designated days. We’ll temporarily suspend other projects so that we’ll have enough staff to serve any high school professional staff members who want to take advantage of those early checkout opportunities. Teachers who can’t participate in these early checkouts in July may complete the process once we’ve prepped the rest of the student and teacher devices for distribution in August or early September. Please continue to check this blog: specific dates will be set in 1-2 weeks.

      June 5, 2012

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