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High School Administrators Work Through Setup Process, Get iPads


Administrative teams from all MISD high school campuses attended iPad setup sessions this morning at the Police and Technology Building.

One administrator said that the “process worked great!”

“I finished in 15 minutes!” another exclaimed.

How did these people flow through the process so quickly and easily?

1. They filled out all of the required paperwork. We recommend having it filled out in advance for faster service.

2. They had iTunes accounts set up and knew their Apple IDs and passwords.

3. They knew their MISD user names and passwords.

“I can see how it would take a long time if someone wasn’t prepared,” another campus leader observed.

High school administrators had advice for the 250 teachers now scheduled to attend checkout workshops on July 18, 19, 23, and 24:

Do your homework, and you’ll go through the process quickly! If you come unprepared, plan to invest 90 minutes or more in completing all of the steps.

How do you prepare for your checkout workshop?

Check out the Teacher [Preparation] Checklist and the other resources at

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