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My Big Campus: Filtered Facebook-like functions in a fuss-free filtered environment!

Teachers, if you’re on My Big Campus, how are you using it? Please post a comment!

An account has been set up for each intermediate, middle, and high school teacher and student. You can access MBC using your computer or the MBC app. Some functions available through the website are not available through the app.

Login by going to, typing in your MISD username and password, typing your school name (all school names begin with “Mansfield”), and clicking “enter.”

You can also reach the login screen by tapping on your MBC app, which is one of the PowerUp! apps.

Please use this link to access written directions about how to login and use many other features in MBC:

MBC_Quick_Start_Guide_with_MISD_Notes_07232012. Notes in red are specific to Mansfield ISD.

Here’s a video about how to login:

Once you’re in, check out this video that shows how to use all of the cool features!

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  1. Karen Anthony #

    Using MBC in my high school English classes allows me to help my students with writing assignments when they are: 1. ready to work on the revision process in class independently or with a partner, and 2. needing to work on an essay at home independently.

    Since writing is such an organic process that is different for everyone, I am able to provide a bundle of resources for my students to use as they draft, write the thesis statments, develop paragraphs, engage in meaningful step by step revision, and as they proofread the final draft.

    MBC is the first tool I have used that compliles all the resources into one place. Check out my bundle titled, “Writing and Revising an Essay.

    September 10, 2012
  2. My assistant and I are trying to use MBC as much as we can. We use the discussion groups to do bell ringer assignments and we will have our students to self and peer critiques of their performances in class on there as well. However, MBC (the app) seems to be a little buggy still. The students have trouble logging in sometimes, it will occasionally crash and have to be restarted, etc. I know they can go through the browser, but they, honestly, would rather use the app. Are we aware of any updates in the works?
    It would be nice to be able to open a discussion group and then be able to copy it to other groups. Right now we have to make the discussion in each group separately. Very time consuming, but the kids like it!

    September 14, 2012
    • A new version of the app is supposed to be released within the next month.

      September 14, 2012
    • A new version was released yesterday. Students need to update MBC to get it. We’ll send out a heads-up to them this week. In the meantime, if you’d like to encourage kids to complete the update, I’d be interested to get your feedback on how well it’s working!

      September 20, 2012

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