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Important: Avoid upgrading to iOS 6 at school while deployments continue.

According to Apple, students and teachers will be given the option to update to iOS 6 sometime today.

Based on the recommendation from the Apple engineer assigned to our project, students and teachers who have iPads should not begin the update process during school hours.

Here’s why:

  • The file is very large.
  • If many people download it, the network will be bogged down.
  • This will shut down the deployment process and make the Internet inaccessible for students and teachers who have iPads already.
  • There is no rush to complete the upgrade; iOS 5 works well.

Students and teachers should complete the update off campus, if possible, at school after hours, or at school after the initial deployments are complete in a few weeks.

We’ll keep you posted about the deployment timeline. It’s right on schedule at Timberview so far this week.

Working together, we can keep the wireless network and the deployment process running smoothly.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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