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A Special Post for MISD Parents: New Resources!



MISD High School Parents:

MISD high school students are using iPads across the district for a wide array of educational purposes. On a recent survey, students reported utilizing the iPad for Taking Notes (87.3%), Interacting with Websites and Apps (79.5%), Communicating and Organizing (71.6%), and Using Online Textbooks (65.7%).

Want to help your students make good choices about using MISD-issued iPads? Need to see how your student is using his or her district-issued iPad?

The website now includes an easy-to-follow handout and a set of short (less than two-minute) videos that answer some questions that you may have.

Question Video (click link to access) Length
How can I make sure that the required security software is intact? Strategy 1: Checking AirWatch Profiles 44 seconds
How can I set limits on what my child puts on the iPad? Strategy 2: Setting Restrictions 1 minutes, 41 seconds
How can I tell which sites my child has been accessing? Strategy 3: Viewing Browser History 57 seconds
How do I monitor use of iMessage? Strategy 4: Monitoring Messaging 38 seconds
How do I know if a blacklisted app has been installed on the iPad? Strategy 5: Checking for Blacklisted Apps 53 seconds

Here are some other strategies that some parents have shared. Some said that they also used these strategies to help their children to manage other devices, such as smart phones, that they may have.

  • Some parents talk to students about their expectations for the student’s iPad use. Reviewing the iPad User Agreement is a good start.
  • Remind students that the iPad doesn’t belong to them. Access to an iPad is both optional and a privilege. Textbooks and other materials are available as alternatives.
  • Take the iPad for a period of time as a consequence for using it inappropriately. Parents who did this noted that although it was less convenient for the student to complete assignments without the device, it can be done.
  • Check browsing history nightly. Assign consequences if the history appears to have been deleted.
  • Require that the iPad be used only in the presence of a parent or in a common area of the house.
  • Take the iPad at bedtime. Charge it in the parents’ room overnight instead of the student’s.


Do you have any strategies to share or other suggestions? Please post them!

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  1. Taniquia Bradford #

    My son just recently enrolled into Summit High School from out of state last month. For whatever unknown reason he was denied the opportunity to receive a IPAD.
    How do I go about having the school issue him the IPAD?

    November 29, 2012

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