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Library of 9,500 Educational Videos Available Online from Home for MISD Students in Grades 5-12



Beginning this school year, students in grades 5-12 will be able to use their MISD usernames and passwords to access SAFARI Montage at home!

  • The system includes thousands of educational video clips that are organized according to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, or TEKS.
  • This will be a great resource for teachers to use while implementing the “flipped” classroom concept.
  • To access SAFARI Montage, go to MISD students in grades 5-12 and teachers may access the system by using their MISD usernames and passwords.
  • All students in grades 5-12 have MISD usernames and passwords, but many may have forgotten them already. That’s OK! We’ll have new credentials for these students in August. Hopefully, this will also provide another incentive for students to remember them.

Flipped classroom:

Flip teaching (or flipped classroom) is a form of blended learning in which students watch lectures online and work on problem sets with other students in class. This approach allows teachers to spend more time interacting with students instead of lecturing. This is also known as backwards classroom, reverse instruction, flipping the classroom and reverse teaching.[1][2]

The traditional pattern of teaching has been to assign students to read textbooks and work on problem sets outside school, while listening to lectures and taking test in class. In flip teaching, the students first study the topic by themselves, typically using video lessons prepared by the teacher[3][4] or third parties such as the Khan Academy. Classroom time is for the students to apply the knowledge by solving problems and doing practical work.[5][6][7] The teacher tutors the students when they become stuck, rather than imparting the initial lesson. Complementary techniques include[8] differentiated instruction and project-based learning.[9]



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