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Summer Password Tips for MISD Teachers and Staff

This also applies to this summer. 🙂

MISD TechNotes

Sometimes, passwords are forgotten over the summer.

We have Help Desk staff to assist you with those problems this summer, and, if you’ve set up your account, PeoplePassword service will be there for you when you’re back on contract and able to access the site from within the District.

Passwords also expire.

If you’re suddenly unable to retrieve your MISD email from your smart phone or through the Outlook Web Access (OWA) site using a tried and true password, it’s likely that your password has expired.  You’ll also be unable to access Eduphoria or SAFARI Montage.

During the school year, users get warning messages when their passwords are about to expire. Unfortunately, the Outlook Web Access site, which may be the only way that you access resources on the network, doesn’t give you the warning messages that you’re used to seeing when you login to your computer at school.

It can be a hassle that our…

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