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iPad Deployment: Reminders and Updates about Deposits


This is some information about iPad deployment that we hope you’ll find helpful. 

Parents of students who . . .

  • Are sophomores, juniors, or seniors this year and;
  • Checked out an iPad last year

. . . do not need to pay the refundable deposit this year at this time.  

Parents of freshmen, students who are new to MISD, and other students who did not participate in the program last year do need to pay the refundable deposit.

  • Deployment for these students is scheduled for Friday, August 30, and then from Tuesday, September 3 – Friday, September 6. The specific dates and times for each campus during these dates will be confirmed once we have a better estimate of the number of students that we will be serving. Make-up days will also be scheduled as needed.
  • We encourage parents to pay the deposit online. We’ve set up RevTrak, an electronic payment system used by many school districts, to handle these electronic transactions.  Please click this link, select your child’s school, carefully read the information on the payment page, and carefully follow the directions. It’s easy!
  • The amount the parent has paid will be compared to the amount due for the deposit at the time of deployment.   The parent will be charged for any additional amount required at that time. Any refunds due as a result of overpayments will be issued in October.
  • Parents will be able to pay by check and complete paper forms. They should make out checks for all iPad deposits to the school. Although we encourage parents to complete all forms online, a limited number of paper copies of the forms have been printed for each campus. Forms can also be printed on the website. Up to the date of deployment, these forms and payments can be turned in to the campus bookkeeper or other staff member designated by the principal.

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