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iPad Deployment Update

windows on iPad

With the first round of deployments nearing completion, make-up days have been scheduled based on the number of students at each campus who need opportunities to check out a device. Approximately 1/3 of upperclassmen checked out iPads during the opportunities scheduled before the beginning of school.

Updated Deployment Schedule with Make-Up Days


Note that these dates are subject to change.

For information about how to prepare for deployment, please check out these earlier posts:

Preparation Steps for Freshmen and other Students who have not Checked out an MISD iPad Previously


If a student paid a nonrefundable fee last year while participating in the program and didn’t lose the iPad, that fee will be credited toward a refundable deposit of $50.

Any outstanding iPad-related fines will need to be cleared prior to checking out a device for the 2013-2014 school year.

A reduced deposit option of $25 is available for students who qualify for reduced price lunches and $10 for students who qualify for free lunches. If a student qualified for the free and reduced lunch program last year but does not qualify this year, s/he will need to pay additional funds to increase the amount of his/her deposit to $50. For students who participate in the program in 2013-2014, as stated in the terms of the new iPad User Agreement, deposits are now refundable upon separation from the district (moving, graduation, etc.) provided that equipment is returned according to the terms of the agreement.

The first round of any refunds that are due will be issued beginning in October 2013.

TIP: Parents are strongly encouraged to apply for the free and reduced lunch program if needed prior to paying the refundable deposit. Refunds of excess amounts paid in create unnecessary delays in the process due to the additional time and effort required to issue them. The first round of refunds due under the new agreement will take place in October 2013. Check back for additional details.

Please see the following link for the free and reduced lunch program application, which can be completed online: Confidentiality of students who participate in the program will be protected.

To make the process of paying the deposit easier, online payment of the deposit is available using this electronic payment site:

Be sure to select the correct school and follow directions carefully.

For students who prefer to pay using a check, deposits may be paid to the campus bookkeeper. Please make checks out to your child’s campus.

Account setup for Freshmen, Students who are New to MISD, and Students who did not Participate in the Program Last Year but want to Participate this Year

The account setup process (iTunes and MISD Gmail and Google Drive accounts) can be time-consuming, and it is necessary to complete it prior to getting an iPad. Because this part of the process is only necessary for students who did not participate in the program last year, dates are set in the deployment calendar for account setup for freshmen, students who are new to MISD, and returning students who did not participate in the program last year but want to this year.

Posts will follow in the coming days about parent orientations and other activities. Please check back soon!

If you have questions, please use the form below:

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