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The benefits of robotics and coding in general

Watch the video – “Anybody Can Learn.”

Is Coding a Necessary Technology Skill for Everyone?

We’ve all heard rumblings over the past year about the need to offer K-12 students a chance to learn the basics of computer science skills. But is this really a big need for all students?

The Facts

The research says a resounding “yes.” Computer science, which can be learned beginning in kindergarten, teaches students design, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills – all necessary well beyond the classroom. If we want to prepare students for good careers, then teaching them to code is their best bet as five of the fastest-growing occupations in the United States require it. More than one million computer specialist job openings are expected in the US by 2018, but only 29% of those jobs will be filled by our students. A report from the Governor’s Competitive Council in 2008 states that “the future success of the US economy is directly tied to the ability to maintain a position at the forefront of technological change.”

Not convinced yet that coding is a critical skill for our students? Then watch this five-minute video entitled “Anybody Can Learn.”

Computer science covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Algorithmic problem solving
  • Creating and manipulating graphics
  • Ethical and social issues in computing
  • Modeling and simulating real-world problems
  • Programming, including game design
  • Robotics
  • Security
  • Web design

So why don’t more schools offer computer science opportunities for students? Some teachers believe that this should only be taught by a certified Computer Science teacher. And many others are afraid to try because they have not received any training in how to teach coding skills and so are reluctant to try in front of their students. However, most of the resources available to introduce coding to students include interactive tutorials and don’t require the teacher to know how to code herself.

— TCEA TechNotes 1.21.14

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