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PrometheanLive! Webinar series offered by Promethean

Promethean World

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PrometheanLive! is a free, live webinar series for Promethean customers that offers tips and tricks for your Promethean ActivClassroom. Below you will find the Fall 2011 schedule. Sit back in the comfort of your own home and learn something new! Register for one, or all, of these webinars today.

PrometheanLive! Actions, Templates & Magic Ink, Oh My!
Monday, October 17, 2011 – 4:30pm (central time)
To register:
Want to see some cool tricks in ActivInspire that will help make your flipcharts more interactive? This webinar is for you! Learn great ways to create simple actions in ActivInspire.

PrometheanLive! Version 1.5 Question Manager & Self Paced Assessments
Wednesday, November 16, 2011 – 4:30pm (central time)
To register:
Learn how to utilize your ActivExpressions with the new Question Manager in ActivInspire version 1.5. Also, using your ActivExpressions, learn to create and implement a self paced test.

PrometheanLive! ActivOffice & Great Interactive Website for your Classroom
Monday, December 12, 2011 – 4:30pm (central time)
To register:
Learn about Promethean’s new PowerPoint plug-in which allows you to annotate right onto your PowerPoint presentations – for free. We’ll also explore fun, interactive websites.

Extreme Makeover Update

We are looking forward to another great school year! This summer, our team has been working hard to prepare for you and your students.

Secondary band and choir rooms have been measured for mounted AV equipment, which is scheduled for installation prior to the beginning of school. To address concerns at the high schools about band halls that are used for flag practice, plans include installation of protective brackets in those rooms. Each of these rooms presents unique challenges, and a variety of installation accessories are often  required. The team continues to make good progress.

Equipment for the few teaching positions that the district will add has also been ordered.

Also by the beginning of school, the district has plans to offer access to a small and select number of television channels through SAFARI Montage. This should offer more reliable options for monitoring weather or viewing major events than what has been available in most MISD classrooms.

You may remember plans to make it possible for teachers to control their document cameras and projectors from the ActivBoard or Activslate and to remotely switch those projectors off from the data center in order to maximize energy efficiency and bulb life. The campus support and network teams have been working hard with the vendors to get those projectors added to the network for that purpose.

We will continue to keep you posted about projects. Please continue to contact us with any questions or suggestions. 🙂

Camp Inspire Summer Tech Conference Reminders

Please review these reminders if you’re interested in registering for Camp Inspire after June 20, 2011.

Dates: August 2-4

Cost for one or more sessions: $10.00 total.

Check or money orders only, please.

Make out checks to MISD.

Send checks AND workshop title, date/time/location to:

Jan North

Mansfield ISD

605 East Broad Street

Mansfield, TX 76063

New ActivBoard Installations


Image by todbaker via Flickr

A new round of 56 ActivBoard installations is scheduled for May that involves some special education classrooms on the campuses listed at the end of this post. 

During Phases II and III of the Makeover process, orientations were scheduled (usually during faculty meetings) on each campus to let teachers know exactly what equipment they would receive and what to expect during the installation process. 

In this case, because there are limited numbers of installations on each campus, we are in the process of setting up a series of quick (less than thirty minutes is the norm) sessions over SAFARI Live. These will be scheduled at a variety of times to accommodate schedules for as many people as possible. We will keep you posted about those arrangements. 

This method of providing a quick overview and giving people an opportunity to get questions answered has worked well for similar purposes in other districts, and we think that it will go well here, too.

These are the campuses involved:






Cross Timbers




















If you are a special education teacher at one of these campuses, please check your email. The tentative schedule was sent out this evening to all staff at the campuses involved. 🙂

ActivBus Visits MISD Tomorrow!

The Promethean ActivBus makes a return trip to Mansfield tomorrow.

The ActivBus is an RV equipped with a variety of the interactive technologies that are available in MISD classrooms.

The ActivBus will be open for MISD visitors at the Technology/Police Building from 9:00 until 12:30.

EMO Reminders: Plans for Fine Arts, BIC/AEC, Consumer Science, and Small Group Instructional Settings

These are some common questions about the Extreme Makeover: High Tech Edition Project. Please read and share them with your colleagues.

Please ask any follow-up questions by posting a comment.

What is the plan for BIC/AEC?

The plan is to equip repurposed carts from Perry, Jobe, and Low with slates and redeploy them to BIC/AEC.

What is the plan for secondary band, choir, and consumer science classes?

Band, Choir, and Consumer Science classes are slated for AV upgrades, too. Because the teacher computer is often located in a separate office, it would not be practical to link the presentation system to it.

Buying an extra computer is not cost-effective, and mounted equipment would be limited to use in one room.

A better solution for these settings involves using the presentation carts – which include on-board computers – that were bought for Perry, Low, and Jobe when these campuses opened. The upgrades at Perry, Low, and Jobe are underway already so that these carts can be used in those rooms. A Promethean slate will be added for use with these carts, which will give them the same functionality as the mounted systems.

What’s the plan for small group instructional settings?

The scope of the Extreme Makeover: High Tech Edition includes large group instructional settings, which typically serve 22 or more students. The influx of equipment into these classrooms has freed up equipment that will be repurposed in rooms where small group instruction takes place.

As this process of moving equipment has been completed at Phase I and II campuses, principals have been asked to send us their lists of document cameras and projectors so that we can make them available to other schools.

A form that can be used by principals to request these items is available through Eduphoria FormSpace. Technology Development technicians can help with setting up this equipment after it is delivered. Please use the work order system to ask for assistance. We’re here for you.

Currently, we are considering purchasing slates to supplement repurposed AV equipment in small group settings so that all teachers and students will have access to the same types of tools throughout each building.

We’re also working with the leadership of the departments responsible for small group instruction on plans for how to address AV needs for those teachers and students most effectively. We will continue to keep you posted!

April ActivAcademy Sessions Begin to Fill: Select Yours Now!

The schedule for April’s ActivAcademy classes is ready, and classes are beginning to fill up. These classes are offered in addition to the five ActivJourney “step” training sessions that teachers attend before, during, and after school.

If you are a teacher who has completed two or more of the five campus-based sessions of ActivJourney, you are ready for any classes in ActivAcademy!

If you haven’t taken at least the first two ActivJourney “step” training sessions at your campus, please take the “Get Activ: Get Inspired!” class. This class is also perfect for teachers who would like a refresher on these topics.

Please click on this link to access the April training schedule:

April 2011 ActivAcademy Schedule

Funding for a half-day substitute is provided by the District.

Will there be training this summer? You bet! Stay tuned for more information.

Please look for these classes in Eduphoria.