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High School iPad Deployment Schedule


High School Parents:

Because most sophomores, juniors, and seniors have iPads that they kept over the summer, deployment this year is focused on students who are new to the Power Up 1:1 program such as freshmen and students who are new to MISD. Days are scheduled to issue iPads to these students at each high school. Technicians will be present to guide students through the process of configuring their iPads. Students who didn’t attend iTunes Prep during schedule pick up will also complete iTunes setup on this day.

Students will need to bring their student IDs. They must also have signed Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) and iPad User Agreements signed by their parents, both of which are available in Skyward and can be signed electronically through the registration process. Please use this link to begin that process: It’s quick and easy!

windows on iPadStudents must also have paid their $50 deposits (online or by check) to be issued iPads.

Discounted deposits are available for students who qualify for the free ($10 deposit) and reduced ($25 deposit) lunch program. The application for the free and reduced lunch program is available at this link:

Important: If you plan to apply for the free and reduced lunch program, please complete the online application and wait for status to be determined before paying the iPad deposit. 

Important: Students who have deposits in place already should not pay again.

Parents of incoming ninth graders can pay deposits now using the following link:

If you have questions about RevTrak, please email

Please check out the parent resources on There is a series of videos called “iPad, iParent: Parenting Strategies for the Digital Age,” that illustrates how to help your child to make good decisions about iPad use and otherwise practice good digital citizenship. Parents have shared that some of the strategies used to monitor student use are especially helpful.

Please post any questions as comments.

We look forward to working with you and your student this year!

School iPad Deployment Date
FHS* & AEC* Thursday, August 28th (All students)
THS Friday, August 29th (Freshmen only)
LHS Tuesday, September 2nd (Freshmen only)
MHS Wednesday & Thursday, September 3rd & 4th (Freshmen only)
LRH Friday, September 5th (Freshmen only)
SHS Monday & Tuesday, September 8th & 9th (Freshmen only)

Students in grades 10-12 at FHS and AEC may pay their deposits by check to the bookkeeper on Thursday, August 28 and pick up their iPads on Thursday, August 28. This is “soft opening,” an opportunity to verify procedures with a smaller group of students prior to the large freshmen deployments the following week.

FHS and AEC students who would prefer to pay using a credit or debit card will need to wait until after September 8 to pay their deposits and pick up their iPads on the September 10 deployment date. (Please see the chart below.)

Dates for New Students and Other Students who are Initially Checking out iPads

Important: Students in grades 10-12 will be uploaded into RevTrak on September 8. This is to limit the risk of overpayment of deposits

Students who are not freshmen but want to check out an iPad can be issued one on these days:

School Dates for New Students and Other Students Initially Checking out iPads
FHS & AEC Wednesday, September 10th (All Students)
THS Thursday, September 11th (All Students)
LHS (Legacy) Friday, September 12th (All Students)
MHS Monday, September 15th (All Students)
LRH (Lake Ridge) Tuesday, September 16th (All Students)

Welcome back!

We’re looking forward to the teachers returning to work next week.

If there’s any way that we can help you, please contact the Help Desk at 817.299.HELP (4357) or key a work order at

Remember that your Eduphoria username and password is the same as your email password.

Google Classroom: What We Know So Far

Google Classroom: What We Know So Far

Google Classroom is scheduled for release in Fall 2014. This is an interesting preview. 

2013-2014 iPad Update

It’s been a very successful year. Students and teachers have continued to use iPads and other technology schools extensively, and 100% of teachers of grades 7-12 have completed iPad module training. We’re now in the process of getting MacBook Pro computers out to high school teachers as part of the latest round of upgrades.

The middle school pilot at Wester was great! We’re exploring what it would take to run it another year in order to collect more data.

This is for parents . . . If your child is eligible for a refund of his/her iPad deposit, please complete the iPad Deposit Refund Request on the web site in the Parent Resources section. It is in the Forms drop-down menu.

Enjoy your summer!



26 Google Drive Tips you can’t Afford to Miss

Google Classroom

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a Learning Management System that is expected to be available to school districts by September 2014.

Currently, many teachers post content and collect work using a variety of different systems such as iTunes U, Moodle, My Big Campus, and Google Drive.

Teachers report that two limitations of iTunes U are that it works only on the Apple platform and only allows students to get materials from the teacher. Google Classroom supports most devices and allows for both downloading and uploading by students and teachers. My Big Campus will begin charging for its services in the 2015-2016 school year; Google Classroom is expected to be free.

The district has requested a preview. We’ll keep you posted!

Use Advanced Search Operators to Find Files in Google Drive

If locating files in your Google Drive is becoming difficult to manage, try these advanced search operators:

1) Filename-If you remember a keyword in the title try:

Title:keyword   i.e.) Title:ipad,

2) Owner-If you remember who shared the file with you use their email address and a keyword:

Owner:email keyword  i.e.) ipad

3) File Type – If you know it was a document, spreadsheet, drawing, PDF or presentation try:

Type:filetype keyword     i.e.)Type:spreadsheet ipad

3) Frequent files – use Starred To make it more manageable, try:

Starred keyword  i.e.) is:starred ipad


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