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Google Classroom: What We Know So Far

Google Classroom: What We Know So Far

Google Classroom is scheduled for release in Fall 2014. This is an interesting preview. 

2013-2014 iPad Update

It’s been a very successful year. Students and teachers have continued to use iPads and other technology schools extensively, and 100% of teachers of grades 7-12 have completed iPad module training. We’re now in the process of getting MacBook Pro computers out to high school teachers as part of the latest round of upgrades.

The middle school pilot at Wester was great! We’re exploring what it would take to run it another year in order to collect more data.

This is for parents . . . If your child is eligible for a refund of his/her iPad deposit, please complete the iPad Deposit Refund Request on the web site in the Parent Resources section. It is in the Forms drop-down menu.

Enjoy your summer!



26 Google Drive Tips you can’t Afford to Miss

Google Classroom

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a Learning Management System that is expected to be available to school districts by September 2014.

Currently, many teachers post content and collect work using a variety of different systems such as iTunes U, Moodle, My Big Campus, and Google Drive.

Teachers report that two limitations of iTunes U are that it works only on the Apple platform and only allows students to get materials from the teacher. Google Classroom supports most devices and allows for both downloading and uploading by students and teachers. My Big Campus will begin charging for its services in the 2015-2016 school year; Google Classroom is expected to be free.

The district has requested a preview. We’ll keep you posted!

Use Advanced Search Operators to Find Files in Google Drive

If locating files in your Google Drive is becoming difficult to manage, try these advanced search operators:

1) Filename-If you remember a keyword in the title try:

Title:keyword   i.e.) Title:ipad,

2) Owner-If you remember who shared the file with you use their email address and a keyword:

Owner:email keyword  i.e.) ipad

3) File Type – If you know it was a document, spreadsheet, drawing, PDF or presentation try:

Type:filetype keyword     i.e.)Type:spreadsheet ipad

3) Frequent files – use Starred To make it more manageable, try:

Starred keyword  i.e.) is:starred ipad

For MISD Teachers and Parents: Skyward reports that it is not vulnerable to Heartbleed Bug

The Heartbleed Bug (CVE-2014-0160) is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. It is being called the “Heartbleed” exploit and has already started to garner national press attention. Skyward has completed a thorough review of our applications, and we do not use a vulnerable version of OpenSSL.

This means that there are no OpenSSL security concerns for your Skyward product suites.

Note: The Skyward application uses curl for ecommerce and file transfers. We have confirmed that the version of OpenSSL embedded in the version of curl Skyward provides is not vulnerable to the Heartbleed security issue.

For more information on Heartbleed, please visit:

Thank you,

Skyward Support

How can the heartbleed bug affect me? What should I do?

You may have read reports about the Heartbleed Bug. This is a security flaw in many secure web sites.


This link is to an article that provides a good summary of the risks and recommendations for what you may want to do to protect yourself.


Also, please continue to beware of SPAM and phishing email. Unscrupulous senders may try to get your personal data by sending you email that asks for information.

Read more:


What you can do about the Heartbleed bug

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